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What is a Textured Coating/ finish ?

Textured coatings are basically emulsion paints with high solids content used in architectural segment. The concept came as an alternative to exterior painting, stone cladding or grit washing. It is a ready mixed product similar to acrylic paints but comes in a thicker consistency and applied through roller, towel, spray gun or special tools.

How textures are created and how does the painted surface look like ?

The presence of filler particles in various sizes and colors in the coating and the method of application gives rise to a variety of textures. With a normal emulsion paint you create a plain wall differing only in color or glossiness. A texture finished wall will have a cast, chiseled, embossed scattered or patterned appearance in single or multiple colors.

The popular textures in India are orange peel produced by rollers, recess or groove produced by trowel. stone or cast look produced by spray guns. For interiors special tools are used to get imaginative patterns for interior walls.

How is it better than normal paints ?

Most of the textured finishes are in the range of 0.3 to 3.0 mm measured as dry film thickness (DFT). Compare this to the emulsion paint of 0.04 mm per coat. The thick plaster offers better protection against weather. It can cover up mild cracks and patches on base surface. It has the advantages of acrylic emulsion such as breathing out moisture and preventing moisture entry. It can take up minor elongation and contractions in the base better than normal paints. The use acrylic binder and siliceous materials as fillers, makes the coating fire retardant and no harmful fumes are generated on fire accident.

Will textured walls attract dirt ?

Normally rough surfaces collect dust at protruding portions. The textured coatings have recessed groves that do not offer places for dirt to sit. Any dirt on the walls do get washed by rains. Basically surfaces attract dirt particles due to electrostatic charges. The new generation polymers that we use have dust repellent property so that the finished coating remains dirt free. The coatings are water washable.

Where are Textured Coatings used ?

Developed primarily for exteriors, textured coatings are being used in interiors as well.

The surfaces suitable for textured coatings are cement/ concrete plaster, gypsum board, ply and particle boards . The coating sticks to wood or any porous substrate but is not recommended as regular finish for them.

The textured coating are preferred in exterior of high rise buildings, commercial complexes, institutional buildings and flyovers. Interiors of shops, restaurants and cineplexes also chose textured coatings over normal paints. Any wall or ceiling can be painted but only some textures can be applied on curved surfaces and sloping roofs.

How is the Texture Coatings done ?

The application consists of a texture coat and two coats of top coat. A prime coat may be needed if the base is flaky or old. The client decides the texture and shade.The cost is specified on the basis of Rs./sq.Ft. which include material and application costs.

Where can I buy the Textured Coatings ?

This segment is application dependent and normally outside bazaar sales. To get the best of textures you need quality paint and skilled application crew. The painting job is done by contractors having dedicated teams. DURASHIELD has applicator dealers all over India...

What does DURASHIELD offer ?

DURASHIELD offers variety of Textures like Dura Tuff, Dura Fine and Dura Stucco which are trowel finishes, Dura Roller is a roller finish and Dura Spray which applied with a spray gun. Dura Lines and Dura Streax are created through a special tool. Our endeavor is to offer the customer the latest and durable textures in a wide range of shades.

How is it different from other brands ?

Normally texture coatings come in limited earth colors. In large buildings there is a possibility of color variation due to differences in lots used.. There is also the possibility of joints. The painting work may be delayed due to non availability of particular shade. So the concept of natural base coat and colored top coat helps to achieve a uniform color and timely execution of jobs.

The segment is also having small players who push low quality products at lesser prices. But for a discerning customer who is making a premium project they can not offer any warranty for quality or workmanship.

Some competitors use white cement based texture coatings and acrylic top coat for reducing cost but the cement plaster can never equal acrylic plaster in terms of elasticity and breathability.

Durashield is ISO 9001 certified for design, development, manufacturing and supply of textured paints We use Nerolac Excel, Ultra for top coat and you can choose any color from their Colorscape fan deck . The customer is assured of colorfastness and protection against heat, dust and rain. It will not be discolored by UV radiation or fungal attack.

What is the life of Textured coating ?

The texture is permanent and the colour has warranty of five years. For additional protection against rain and life you can select Nerolac Excel Everlast for top coating which is their premium brand.

Can we use textured coatings on walls already painted ?

It can be put on emulsion painted or cement painted walls. But, lime washed walls would need scrapping and a primer coat.

Will Textured Coatings stop seepage on existing walls ?

No. It is better to stop the source of water entry and do water proofing before applying the coating.

What if I want to change the color after some time ?

Changing color on the same texture is easily done with a new top coat.

Can we repair a texture coated wall if it is damaged in some places ?


Is it costly ?

The product is costly compared to normal paints but cheaper than Stone cladding or Aluminium paneling. The target segment is the customers who are looking for premium finishes and distinctive look. The high initial cost is however, offset by savings in maintenance painting . The number of prominent buildings painted with Durashield textures is testimony to its cost effectiveness.In interiors the decorative aspect of the coating and the fact that it takes less time to paint are clear advantages over plain finishes.

Is it environment friendly ?

The Durashield coatings are water based and do not contain harmful solvents or additives. It is also applicator friendly and the painted rooms (interiors) are ready to live the next day.